Spanish-speaking Intensive Outpatient Center.

What We Do

Bi-Lingual "Spanish" Addiction Therapy

About What We Do

We Cater To Spanish Speaking Clients

We realized some time ago that there was a real problem in the Drug and Alcohol addiction therapy industry. We know often Spanish speakers are often left behind in normal Therapy Centers. It is our mission to make that wrong right!
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Addiction Treatment For Latino's

The Leading Spanish Speaker Authority On Recovery!

Amel Therapy Center for spanish speakers

What Your Can Expect

We Leave No One Behind No Matter Your Native Tongue

Though we focus on Spanish Speakers, it doesn't mean you have to speak Spanish. Please contact us and if you're not right for us, then you can be sure we will help place you in the right environment increasing your chance at recovery.
Personalized Care

As mentioned, we have no cookie cutter approach. We understand the "individual" has needs that are theirs alone, and we respect that.

If We Can't We Know Who Can

We're not going to just take anyone in. We will make sure you're right for us, and if not us, we will know who is right for you!