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How We Do It

We Get To The Root Of Unresolved Trauma

At Amel, we are focused on developing an individualized treatment program that will give our clients a much better opportunity to maintain long term sobriety and a balanced mental health. Most mental health and substance abuse issues are rooted in unresolved trauma.

Trauma is basically a disconnection from the self even in the absence of abuse or overwhelming threat. These traumatic events usually happen during our formative years. (First 10 years of our lives). We go through life “ignoring” them or developing defense mechanisms to deflect them or project them with serious consequences that we tent to minimize by blaming others or compensating that void with unhealthy behaviors.

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How Do We Accomplish This Goal?

It Has Been Said, "Seek And You Shall Find."

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Achieving The Goal

The Beginning Of The Real Recovery Work

Once an individual seeks recovery and obtains abstinence from major mood- and mind-altering drugs, it is then that the real work from within can begin. According to Gabor Maté, the most important question to ask regarding the healing process of addictive disorders is “understanding what are the sources of the emotions from which we are acting?” We really must take time to understand our emotions and what emotions are underneath the actions that are driving behavior. If we do not take time to understand the emotions driving behavior, we will never discover the deep pain from which people are trying to escape. Getting to the deep core pain is what will enable long-term recovery for the addictive persons. If the interpersonal relationship is not explored, room is left to repeat unhealthy behavior and relationship patterns that could potentially lead to more pain, suffering and trauma.​

If these issues are not resolved and accepted, a memory, event or person will trigger that emotional state and the client will regress to their unhealthy behaviors once again. In Amel our qualified trauma specialist therapist will do a thorough assessment and determine what the best course of treatment can be.
Addiction Recovery Resources

Not Ready Yet? Please Have A Look At Our Resources

If you’re not ready for Intensive Outpatient treatment please see one fo these four resources that can best help you.

alcoholics anonymous logo
AA Resource

Alcoholics Anonymous is a great fellowship full of care for the very problems you're having.

na logo
NA Resource

If you're not having problems with Alcohol, then try Narcotics Anonymous!

FARR logo
FARR Resource

Not looking for treatment and just need a drug frwee safe house? Try FARR.

NARR Resource

If FARR doesn't work out you can always try NARR. One of the 2 will help you!