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Crafting Healthier Lives at Amel Therapy Center

Helping others to a life of recovery and sobriety is our passion. Our intensive outpatient addiction services will more than help you to discover the truth about life. Unlock your potential today!

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About Our Facility

The Leaders In Spanish Speaking Addiction Treatment

In our long history of experience, we feel Spanish-speaking patients often are neglected and have a lower chance of success. Our primary goal is to help Spanish Speakers recover from addiction.
Our Vision

Is to serve the Spanish speaking population here in South Florida helping them to recover from addiction.

Our Mission

To strengthen the Spanish-speaking addiction recovery fellowship by catering to their specific needs.

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Our Team Is Here To Help You Recover Your Life

With over 35 years of experience, our team is here to help you restore, rejuvenate, and recover from drug and alcohol addiction. You do not have to face it all alone. Even the best of us needs help sometimes, and this is that time for you!

Meet Our Addiction Recovery Professionals

Dedicated to Your Wellness & Addiction Recovery

Meet our addiction specialists; doctors, nurses, and therapists. We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to serving you the way you deserve.
Dr. Marcus Mitchel

Chief Physician

Nurse Jessica Turner

Senior Nurse

Mike Reynolds, PT


Addiction Recovery Resources

Not Ready Yet? Please Have A Look At Our Resources

If you’re not ready for Intensive Outpatient treatment please see one fo these four resources that can best help you.

alcoholics anonymous logo
AA Resource

Alcoholics Anonymous is a great fellowship full of care for the very problems you're having.

na logo
NA Resource

If you're not having problems with Alcohol, then try Narcotics Anonymous!

FARR logo
FARR Resource

Not looking for treatment and just need a drug frwee safe house? Try FARR.

NARR Resource

If FARR doesn't work out you can always try NARR. One of the 2 will help you!