Spanish-speaking Intensive Outpatient Center.

Our Team

Meet Our Addiction Recovery Professionals

Fernando Capetilllo MS. RMHCI

Amel Therapy Center's Chief Executive Officer

A very empathetic counselor with many years of experience helping individuals and families with substance abuse/mental health issues develop their full potential and cope with life challenges. He is skilled in increasing insight of clients of maladaptive coping mechanisms. Holistic/Existentialist approach to counseling. Effective at making people feel comfortable about expressing their thoughts and opinions. Fernando has an extensive business background from his native Mexico where he was the President of his advertising/graphic design company.

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Together We're Stronger And Achieve So Much More

It takes a team or as they say “a village” to accomplish goals at the highest level. Without a team behind you and with you it’s hard to get anywhere in life. Let us show you the way.

About Our Team

Individually, our impact is limited collectively, we achieve greatness

The power of a recovery community is clear. Begin your community building here as we join your team!
Marketing Team

No business is complete without a marketing team. It's how you found us!

Admissions Team

Our Admission Team will have you sorted in no time at all!

Medical Evaluation & Diagnosis

Once you're past the initial phase of contacting us we will admit and diagnose you. This is our chance to get to know you.

Therapeutic Team

Our bi-lingual therapeutic team will treat you as the individual you are. Spanish or English, it will be a seamless process.

Maintenance & Alumni

Life after our treatment is where 'the rubber hits the road" as they say. We are here to ensure you stay connected!